The World of Digital Football

Social media has grown tremendously over the past five years. Millions of people are active on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms on a daily basis. Because there is such a heavy audience on each of these platforms, it would make sense for college football teams to be active on them. Twitter and Instagram are the most used social media sites for college football programs. These are easy ways for the programs to interact with their fanbases and to provide important information regarding their teams, players, etc. Social media seems easy enough to manage; however, when attempting to advertise and market to a specific audience, football programs need to be strategic in how exactly they utilize their social media accounts. We are going to take a look at how college football accounts use social media to draw attention to their brands. 

 The world of college football has become heavily involved with online and social media marketing. One source explains how digital communications has become extremely significant when dealing with football recruiting and national signing day. College football teams even invest in digital content teams, which are referred to as “stream teams,” to help increase their online presence and extend their brands. Since so many people are active on social media and most things are heavily online based nowadays, this seems like the perfect strategy for college football teams. Creating a strong presence on social media is a great way to grow your brand and create a bigger audience.

Let’s take a look at some individual college football teams and the strategies that they use for online marketing. Oregon is not a team that receives much attention; however, since they have such a strong presence on social media, they have been able to develop a “flashy, recognizable brand.” Another team with an impressive social media presence is none other than Notre Dame, the black sheep of college football. Having a heavy social media presence allows them to attract more people to their accounts, which in turn, helps them gain more fans. 

Since Notre Dame does not belong to a Power Five Conference, we don’t see much advertising for them during commercial breaks or during the playoffs. This means that they need to be strategic and create a strong online presence for themselves, which they have successfully done. Notre Dame has created a strong digital presence for themselves through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts. They also market themselves through blogs and fan accounts. While they do need to work a bit harder than most Power Five Conference teams, Notre Dame is still very successful with their digital marketing strategies. 

Aside from individual college football teams, there are also Twitter and Instagram accounts for ESPN College Football and FOX College Football, which both provide information and advertising for all college football teams. ESPN’s Instagram account posts more pictures than their Twitter account, but still provides useful information. ESPN and FOX are both popular networks that air college football games during the football season, so having a strong presence on social media helps them gain more followers and draws people to watch college football on their networks. Both accounts share important information about individual teams as well as general information about the playoffs, schedules, and other important news within the college football world.

For any brand, it is important to have a strong digital presence, especially since most people focus their attention online these days. Growing your social media accounts and interacting with your audience will help you gain more followers and be more successful in the digital world. It is important to develop strategies for how you use social media and market yourself online. Creating a schedule for how often you post and what you post, as well as focusing on your target audience will be crucial when growing your brand. We can use college football’s digital marketing strategies as examples for how we can grow our own brands on social media. Happy strategizing!

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